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Hi, There I think i have made my choice !!!


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Ok ive been going around looking at plasma,s today.. Ive been on here for a week or two now Looking and reading ... And i have to say Thanks, its got alot of stuff on this site.:)

This is what i have at the mo,
Sony Str-db930
sony 32" waga
sky +
Scan SC- 2000, Dvd.
Paradigm Ps -1000 sub. 10" 120 watt.
Sony Pascals all round.
Ohh and a philips Pronto, Sbc ru940.

And a 35 foot lounge So i have the space. :)

Right i was going to get the tiny 42" then i read about it on here so thats a no go !!!

Then went looking here www.richersounds.co.uk

In know about john lewis Thanks :)

So it was between the pan TH42-PE30, 42 Inch
And the pioneer pdp-435fdete.

Well i had a good play with them both They where good.
But i wanted something that would work with The hi, def thats coming out sometime soon.

I was going to go for the Panasonic TH42PWD6BX But they said it hasnt got hi, def and you cant get the input board to make it :(


I believe the PWD6 and the PE30 are the same screen, the PE30 is just a consumer model with a nice enclosure and built-in ports at the back.


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No its not - there are significant differences - get the PW if you can cope with (or get advice on) how to connect it up.


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Yer i was thinking of getting that one (the pw) But its not Hi Def ready ??? Or is it ????

As i want it to be future proof as ive had my waga for 6 years now , I had a projector and the missis didnt like it , so sold it. Miss the big screen thing . :(


The pw6 can be made HD compliant, not easily or cheaply though. Same for 7 series. The only screen with guaranteed HD ready status is the FDE. The panasonic viera is certainly never going to be HD ready, there is no possiblilty of a digital input. The question to ask yourself is just how soon can you afford to go HD? The 6 years you have the Wega for puts us to 2010-011. They might conceivably have some content by then, but it'll still be pricey. The FDE suffers a bit with SD sources, anything not via the digital input. So you can get the FDE, have maybe 3-4 years of not terribly good, then 2 years of HD perfection, then something better will be around, or you could get a PW, have 3-4 years of pretty good, them move it to the bedroom and get a serious HD display. Just my thinking there, feel free to disagree. I very much hope we will all be able to afford a serious HD display in 4 years' time, not just for the sake of my selling them!

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