Hi-res flexible LCD to replace newspapers

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LG.Philips has developed a 14.3-inch flexible LCD display. The bendy colour panel (pictured) has an industry leading resolution of 1280×800 pixels, which says the company, makes it ideal for use in next generation electronic book products. Early flexible screens have been hampered by monochrome displays which limit their consumer appeal, but the new screen [...]


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Hmm, a £500 newspaper?
I think not.

Shows the way things are going though :smashin:


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I think, in theory, it's a great idea and you'd probably save money in the end. If it had built in Wi-Fi you'd be able to download the paper of your choice every day for an annual subscription (which would hopefully be far less than buying the physical paper every day) or one-off fee. Imagine being able to sit on the toilet and go through all of your newspaper and magazine subscriptions without needing a mountain of paper in the corner. The idea appeals to me anyway...

However, it would have to be touch-screen enabled so you could do the crossword.


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Great post :thumbsup:
Be dead easy to hide from the gaffer too. I just hope it's going to be fully washable :rotfl:

Tommy Angelo

I like the idea as long as they are reflective, like paper, rather than self illuminated.

Greg Hook

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Clearly a good idea, but if this is what they can do now, what will it be like in say 20 years time, we will all be able to buy an LCD newspaper for 50p (in todays money obviously, which in 20 years time will be about £5,000!)

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