hi quality scart? worth the money


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hi all, im not new to the forum, but have been reading rather than writing threads.
now my question, are high quality scart leads really worth the money.
i currently have a bog standard scart what was supplied with my tv, dont laugh, my TV is a Philips 42PF9730A, which ive had a while.
im reasonably happy with it, but on some programs pictures sometimes appear blocky and pixelated.
is it down to my scart being cheap. will a better one like theQED P2110 Performance SQART really make a difference?
im only using sky+, not high def or anything.

also, is my TV really crap, be honest aswell please.
ive found a few good reviews online, but for each good one ive found two bad ones.

any answers would be appreciated.



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Simple answer to your question is 'yes'. The QED P2110 is an excellent cable and should really boost the performance of your set from the Sky+ output. Make sure the cable is in the RGB enabled scart on the back of your TV and the output is set to RGB in the sky services menu.

How much did your TV cost? How much will the cable cost? Answer those two questions and you can probably come to the same conclusion that £40 or so on the new SCART is well worth it and make a noticeable difference to your viewing.

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