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Iv bought a optoma HD600x, im just wondering can anyone with the same projector help me out? I was watching a video of someone playing a film on there HD600x and i noticed that when they went in the menu, there was a colour option under image but with mine there is no colour option. And i wouldnt mind putting the colour up for playing my ps3 and xbox on. Can anyone help me to why this would be. Thanks


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I don't own this model myself, but I know that sometimes certain menu items aren't available (or just greyed out) depending on which input is in use and also what input resolution is used, such as interlaced or progressive for example.

Hopefully a HD600x owner will be along soon to confirm what you may be able to do. FWIW on my HD350 and previous AE3000 the colour control was available in pretty much any input mode and resolution, except perhaps for VGA (can't remember and the HD350 doesn't have one).

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Just checked mine, with no input to it under 'Image' there is an 'advanced' option, and under that is an RGB gain / bias menu.
I couldnt find a firmware version anywhere, but different firmware revisions often have different features. We have to use a certain version of firmware in the projectors at work, as it has to have certain features.




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hi im new here and just wondered if you can help me, my partner has this projector hes only had it a couple of weeks and hes watched a few films on it and normally plays his ps3 games through it, for some reason now when he tries to watch a dvd or a blueray he said the picture is all snowy, were not sure if its the settings that have been messed with or if its broke, has anyone experienced this or can help.


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I just got mine connected to my ps3, and i want to up the colour on it. Its weird why some have a colour option and some dont. As my colour doesnt look bright enough for me playing my ps3. and iv noticed the person had sharpness up to 100 where mine only goes to 31, I thought this projector was sharp on display image.


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Hi, having a similar Optoma HD600x problem. Got it as a Christmas present and it's all working well until I try my Xbox through the RGB cable provided. It's black and white... So I fiddle around to no success and then try the Wii, same again, no colour. HDMI cable is on it's way but its still a bit of a bummer for now with no colour to play Halo on :p ... Sound would be nice too, any help would be appreciated, Merry Christmas :)


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Plonka how do you normally get your sound when watching TV? If you do not have a surround sound system then you should get one the built in speaker will be rubbish. I would suggest getting a seperate amp and speakers for this as this will give you better upgrade options later. Plus to get the same quality as a cheapish seperate system you would spend a similar amount on an all in one. But this obviously depends what you have connected up already and your budget??

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