Hi, new poster! Burning audio cd problem // Unknown artist // track 1,2,3,4 etc


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Hi there first post, this site looks amazing! Probably one of many i imagine with the scale of my computer problems!

Im burning a master disc for a release we have coming up

I go into Sony CD Architect, add my audio, burn...it burns fine. Audio appears in my stereo in beautiful clarity.

I then go back into Architect....do the same, this time adding isrc codes, album title, track titles etc. I select no gaps between the tracks (0 seconds). Everything is looking superb.

i then burn it & voila. burns fine, i then go to play it back in windows media player, tracks show up in the playlist, no track titles or cd title (just track 1, 2,3 etc and the cd lengths).

This is the same in other media players too.

Thanks and i look forward to your suggestions.



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That is normal behaviour isn't? You need to then RIP the CD and enter the information for it to appear while playing from WMP.

I could be wrong, because I haven't played from CD in ages.

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