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I have not found anything other than a sound bar since 2001. Some friends of mine from church bought a house recently and they have speakers mounted in the ceiling throughout the house and outside. The previous homeowners left a controller with a large diameter coming from a hole in the small room into the controller and a Sony receiver have HDMI slot but not old enough to be Bluetooth compatible. They simply Want their TV to be able to play on the speakers throughout the house. They just purchased the TV and I checked and it does output internal speakers, internal speakers plus optical, optical, HDMI and, finally, Bluetooth. Is there a simple controller that I can plug those wires into and they can make the TV talk to the controller or whatever the device is, to play the TV throughout the house?


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I feel the reason why you haven't had any reply is that the information is insufficient to enable others to offer help

Photos and model numbers of the equipment being used would be a starting point. You state that there are speakers located in different areas of the house, if that is the case, how many speakers are in each room. Do you know if there is a subwoofer located in one of the rooms to?

Photos of how the Sony is wired, locations of all speakers in each room will help every work out how many zones are available and what could also be missing from the system enabling your friends to finally get the system working how it ought to be

I'm sure once some of these bits start to come through, many members on here will be happy to help :)


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You have posted in the AV Receiver & Amplifier forum. As you question is more about installation you might get better replies posting in the Home Cinema Buying & Building forum.
Home Cinema Buying & Building

As you are from Alaska and this is primarily a UK forum posting in the American AVS forum
AVS Forum under the Home Entertainment & Theater Builder section and the Home A.V Distribution forum. https://www.avsforum.com/forums/home-a-v-distribution.36/ might get better replies.

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