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Hi, new here and have a question about resolution


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Hi Everyone,
I was looking at buying a 428XD, but I'm confused about the resolution thing. The 428XD is 1024x768, surely a 42" Display with a 1920x1200 resolution would be better?

I ask because I'm seeing reviews for the 428 saying "best picture ever" etc. Can anyone please explain how a lower resolution can be better?

Thanks people!


Welcome to the lions den.

It is all about the end result, the screen and most importantly the elecronics behind it. The image has to be blown up to fit the screen, most sets do this well, others do it great, the 428 is one of the great ones.

A standard definition picture is basically 576i (480 really) so a tv with a 1080p resolution the set has to "guess" what to fill the sceen up with. That introduces errors seen as artifacts. When you go from a 720 set like the 428 to a 1080 set there is more guess work.

Now on the 428 if it gets a 1080 signal it does a superb job of down scaling to fit that signal to fit a 720 screen. You will not be able to tell the difference if you view a 1080 screen next to it at a normal viewing distance, but if you see a 576 picture on the 2 sets next to each other the the 720 set will look better tha the 1080 set because nearly all 1080 sets do a poor job of scalling up.

Resolution is not everthing, go look and see for yourself.


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Thanks ******** (cool name!):)

That really clears it up. I have just ordered a 428 from S&VO. Can't wait!!!! Have to sort a stand out though!?!

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