Hi, Need so advice deciding a Projector


Yes but mobile , amazing 4000 or 5000 hrs. Auto keystone and 2000 lumens. Actually if you connect to a pc you can get 1280x800 instead of 720p like others. I used at my misses for months was wicked and sold my mate one who uses it for everything. It's the warranty that seals the deal as any prob and they send you replacement next day. You may get it in yr budget. Uniformity is high but it does have pretty good reviews. It depends how much ambient light you have and how mobile it has to be. I have a few and they are great to take anywhere. Also quick shut down too. Size of a book. Optoma good bit look at lumens and life depends on yr setup and intentions.


sounds good too..

doesnt havnt to be very mobile.. will moving mainly between room and garage.. garage is bigger and very open..

planning to deal with ambient light by covering windows with curtains when running the PJ..and keeping it dark as possible..

will be connected to a ps3 so movies, games etc.

im also looking into the classified section and came across a hd20 for £400 with only 300or so hours on with warranty for a year.. grreat deal and looks sound. so just waiting for seller to get back if its still available..

what you think?

either that or hd600x-lv + 84inch screen+ wall mount £399 brand new....from ebay..sounds like a good deal too eh..also bidding on a hd67 lol..

just have to decide now..


Once you go 1080 you don't go back. I have a Benq 1000+ in that price range . Benq r great if you want to fiddle with settings ,2000 lumens and a useful speaker. I think it's between 80-120 hrs. But listen I am not always trying to make a sale lol. I think you should look for Benq 1000+ yourself or maybe 1060 or 1100 although read a few reviews saying people prefer 1000+.

Hd20 I have seen for 400's manufacturer refurb which means could be new , brought to new standard with new parts if prob, 1yr warranty and has to have only had 0-50hrs use otherwise if more can't be Optoma manufacturer refurb. Look for 200x or 230 . Same thing ish. 200x says lower spec but know for a fact its same as hd20. Check tesco outlet at eBay too.
Benq w5000 lol I have that too can be got cheap . Great machine great lens , super clarity but I a tad of noise. That's prob cus it's so clear. It also manages to keep that movie feel that cheaper 1080s seem to loose and make look like a tv programme . They go cheap however it's a big unit . Keep yr eye out . They were 5000 dollars and highly rated like all the ones I have mentioned .

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IMO its better to have a good 2D projector over a poor 3D projector. Its why I have just bought a TW3200 over a TW5900; yes the 5900 does 3D, but the lens quality is poor (similar to the lens used back on the old TW10's etc), dosnt have lens shift and the blacks are not as good.


Morning guys

seems ive come to the point of selling the HD600x-lv projector so the damage doesn't get worse.

Ive been looking at new ones with warranty etc i would say my budget is around 400-550..

my eye is on the HD200x after everything discussed it sounds good although abit pricey..
plan to get it from currys for £579..

..i'm wondering is there anything better i should go for as warranty will prob be for a year..or is that what to expect with most..just wanted to run a price check aswell i guess as its over my budget altho i'll stretch alittle if its worth it :)

cheers speak soon


I have many better than that I have bought in price range. But I can't tempt you with mine as moderator will be annoyed. Fair play .
You should check out the official Optoma refurbs on eBay . They normally come with a year warranty . They can only have a max of 50 hrs use if any at all to be manufacturer refurb. A lot of the time they haven't been used and all are brought up to standard of brand new and have if at all have been replaced with new parts.
I forget the name right now but this is the official Optoma shop and 230 and 200x have sold for 420/430.
Happy hunting


cheers womble!

just had a look on their ebay site. thanks for heads up. it seem they update it weekly or so as last time i checked there were less offers compared to now.

have you used a BENQ pj.. ive been looking around and they seem fairly cheaper and 2 years warranty compared to the rest..some 3(link below)

.. just doing some research when came across them..

had a look at projector planet and they have the widest range even more confusing now.. anyone feel like taking a look and let me know if optoma are the best out of all their acers, benq, epsons, infoucs etc for sale... ill be aiming to spend anywhere upto £400 from projector planet.. or £450 for hd200x refurb of ebay..althought optoma warranty is really poor compared to the rest which worries me alittle..

i was blown away with the 720p on the hd600x-lv 100inch screen.. so i wont need to spend much to satisfy me for a year or so i think, till i learn alittle more and save up for a better one.. rekon theirs anything like the optoma hd600x but cheaper.. as ive seen many 720p pjs goin for allot less on pj planet just not sure of their overall quality.. hope that made sense :) either that or the HD200x for £450..full HD should keep my busy for a while then..

sorry for the long one..

speak soon
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Yes they are excellent
They normally have a lot of controls you can play around with
That could be great if you know what you are doing
Confusing otherwise
I have some great Benqs
Only tried 2d ones though.
May sell them to get a w7000 though

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