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Hi need advice redarding cable/ switch/ reciever THX

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by spid77, Jul 9, 2005.

  1. spid77


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    Hi friends,

    I recently purchased a 42 inch samsung plasma. I am in the process of a wall mounting. I am having this Audio Visual Store down the street do the mounting for me. Today they came and pulled the cables. ANywho, here is my problem-

    I made this quick pic of what I would like to accomplish -


    I havent shown this pic to the AV company yet. I have however discussed with them my systems set up. THe guy at the store is told me that this is what I would need. ( his website too.) -


    When he was mentioning this piece of equipment to me, he kept on commenting about all of the sound/ audio features.

    Now here's the thing- I am totally happy with the sound comming out of the televison speakers. As a matter of fact the idea of filling my living room up with stero equipment kind dosen't really agree with me. As you can hopefully tell by the previous pic / diagram of my final setup, the only thing I really care about is being able to hook up all of my equipment ( video game 1, video game 2, DVD, TIVO, Computer, and hi def cable boxes) to my TV. All of that being said...wouldnt this meet my needs better ? >>>


    I have a suspician that the sales guy is just trying to sell me his reciever. BUt Im not sure.

    What do you all think ? Thanks so much for any advice.


    Mike In Jersey

    PS- In the diagram / pic I have a computer hooked up to the tv. I have pulled a seperate RGB cable for it, so the component dosent really come into play.

    PSS- My tv has two component, 1 svideo ( which i would prefer not to use), and the dhmi cable ( which I also ran)>
  2. Joe Fernand

    Joe Fernand
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    Jan 20, 2002
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    The Borders

    Getting a 'hub' that will switch multi format signals is one solution - though that relies on you having matching Inputs on your TV - the hub simply allows multiple 'same' type signals to be switched into a single Input.

    AutoPATCH provide Matrix Switchers as described above - though expect to pay $2k and above.

    Getting a 'hub' that can bring together different analogue and digital signals and output on a single Digital output is another option - these units are know as Video Processors and DVDO or Lumagen will sort you out for $1k or more.

    Your Third option is 1 x Analogue Hub + 1 x Digital hub - Zektor, Gefen and others can provide the required hardware; expect to pay apron $0.6K for what you require.

    The Yamaha AV Receiver you linked to is no use with your Digital sources - it can act as a hub for your Analogue sources and add a Zektor or Gefen Digital switcher for the Digital sources.

    Lots of options :)

    Best regards


    see http://www.zektor.com, http://www.gefen.com, http://www.dvdo.com, http://www.lumagen.com, http://www.autopatch.com

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