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Hi, need a little help on connecting receiver and TV



Hi there, i'm currently going to be moving into my new flat, and i need a decent surround system.

I currently have a 32" HD LCD TV, a PS3,Xbox 360 and Sky.

I basically want to be able to link all of them together onto 1 amp, so that i can just switch between all of them, so say i went on the 360, switch AMP channels and the surround sound will be for that etc.

However, i also want to be able to turn it off, and just have the sound through my TV.
I've tried before with a kind of bog standard surround sound kit, and i wasn't able to play the TV through it's own speakers, as the sound would only come through the SS kit.

I'm going to be getting a nicer SS kit, but don't know which to buy, and don't know whether this problem occurs with all SS kit's or just the crappy one i had.

So basically i'm asking, is it possible to haveone plugged in and be able to switch to TV speakers?
Also any reccomendations on which to buy? I've got around £350-£450 to spend on one.



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the only way to be able to get sound through your TV speakers is to connect all of your units to the telly. If your sky box is connected via scart, you'll always get sound through the TV, no matter whether the surround system is on or not.
You'd add a cable from the sky box audio out to your surround system to get the sound.

To be able to be able to play the 360 and PS3 on your TV with picture and sound :eek:) there is no way around connecting both directly as well. The 360 will go to the component inputs anyway, which gives you your picture, you'd probably connect the 2 RCA cables to the TV (to play with sound without the SS being on), and a digital cable for sound to your surround system for when you want it.

The PS3 would be the same, however you can go directly to the TV with HDMI, as far as I know will also give you sound. Just 1 more cable from the PS3 to your SS for multi channel audio fun.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need anything else.



More relevant to receivers as opposed to DIY.

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