Hi, my names Chris and i'm a first time FP user



Hi there,

Been looking at buying a projector for nearly a near, ummed and arhhed for ages and was about to buy a AE500 from a uk dealer, but on Thursday Komplett went and dropped their price by nearly £100, so in the end money talked, and a dead pixel check is only worth so much...

Anyway, ordered thursday 10.30am, delivered Friday 12.30pm by DHL, massive Thumbs up to Komplett - no dead pixels, and straight ouuta the box no obvious problems (vb, what vb, not looking for it...shhhhh). Black level is dark grey, but i expeceted that. ( I work in IT so have seen data LCD projectors before Infocus etc) black levels actually a lot better than what i expected tbh and i've not calibrated anything yet)

So this post is just a thanks to everyones elses posts i've been quietly reading

Just watched Matrix reloaded, watching Jackass at the mo :clap:


Wish i'd not farted around for so thinking 'should i, shouldn't i'.

To anyone else on the fence - buy one, its the future

Welcome to front projection.
Get yourself a test disc like Avia. This will allow you to set up your PJ quickly and accurately and get the full potential and enjoyment out of it.

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