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Hi,firstly apologies as i know nothing about camcorder or camers
the wife has asked for a new digital camer for xmas but we dont currently own a camcorder so i was thinking of getting one of those instead
firstly do
camcorders take normal still pictures as well as video not to botherd about hi def at the moment as thinking about the pennies
anyone seen any decent deals or good offers on at the moment for a decent spec camcorder that takes good pics
cheers in advance

just read senus review on the mx20 in the sticky any ideas on ths and the price from makro is superb it was just mainly to record family movies and take family pics thats all
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Almost every camcorder on the market has a stills function. Stills quality varies but generally is not particularly good. The Canon HF100 / HF10 and Sony SR11 / SR12 take reasonable stills, but nothing better than a dedicated stills compact a third of the price. As you come down in price from those (they're not exactly inexpensive), stills quality deteriorates.

Bottom line is, a camcorder will take stills, but don't expect do be able to do away with whatever compact stills camera you already own.



many thanks for that andrew the wife has now decided that a camera would be better suited to her need:suicide:
i have found this camera at jessops for £89 with a 10% discount code applied i have seen the camera double the price on many websites to
Nikon Coolpix S52c (Wi-Fi) Black - Jessops
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