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Is there such a thing as a lead which connects an iPod to a hi-fi system?

As my kids are now buying all their music from iTunes, rather than burn it I would rather them be able to connect their iPod to their hi-fi if possible.


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yes its quite easy as long as your hi-fi as an auxillary input usually at the back. Look for either 2 'phono" sockets (one red,one white) or a socket that looks like a headphone socket for a 3.5 pin. Either of these could be marked Aux in, Audio in, md in, mp3 input. It is possible that if your Hi-Fi is very basic that you have neither of these in which case your stuffed.

Most likely you will have one of these so if its the former you need to buy a 2 phono to 3.5mm pin from any hi-fi store or better still search on the web and you should get for a few quid. The latter would require a 3.5mm pin to 3.5mm pin again easily picked up at a high street store (I got mine from john lewis).

In either case you connect your new lead to the headphone socket on the ipod as this is an output. Note that the volume on the iPod will affect the overall volume of your hi-fi but you can still use the volume control on your hi-Fi. Finally once set up you need to select the appropriate function button on your hi-fi ie auxillary input, md, etc which corresponds to the label on the input at the back of the hi-fi. good luck


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Yes the best way to connect an Ipod is to use a 'dock connector' which connects to the bottom of the Ipod and provides a proper line-out. This will usually need a 3.5" stereo jack to the standard two rca (phono) plugs to connect to your amp.

As to quality of these you can probably get them in the local pound shop or go for an audiophile one at ££££'s made of gold/silver with pretty woven covers etc. If you have a Maplins locally they'll have a range of them too.



I have just purchased a universal docking station from Argos with remote very good .

I purchased a hitachi AX-M135 hi fi system with a 40gb hard drive . I was told by sales person that I could plug my i pod nano into the usb port at the front and it would play my MP3 files saved on nano .

Well it does not work at all, I can save music files on a memory stick and use this front port but as for the system recognising my nano by using the usb port I am baffled .

Has anyone had any experience with ipod nano and hard drive on a hi fi unit, would like to solve mystery please got a large headache-was going to return it to shop before buying the docking station.

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Cheapy ones are readily available, i tried a Kimber Tonik from Russ Andrews which was pretty good but have just changed to a Chord iChord, it costs £55 so isn't cheap but it is excellent SQ and it looks nice too :D

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