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Hi-Fi to AV Amp?


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Please excuse a daft question! I have a basic set up-tv, dvd, sky, hi-fi, all in the living room. The TV is Dolby so I have a centre speaker and 2 rears, which sit on top of my 2 hifi speakers (its a Phillips hifi).

If I wanted to get rid of the 2 sets of 2 speakers and replace them with just 2 fairly decent ones, I reckon I would need an amp to switch between the tv/dvd/sky or the hifi.

But how do I get the hifi signal to the AV amp? All the hifi has is speaker outputs to the 2 speakers. Can I run this speaker output into the back of the AV amp, or do I have to upgrade my hifi to something with a proper output?



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Not quite sure what you mean but im guessing that you are using the dolby surround from the tv for tv/sky etc and the hifi (all in one job?) for music.
You cannot wire speaker outputs into the back of an amplifier, no point seen as signal has already been amplified.
I presume you mainly use the sky box as a tuner? in which case to do what you are intending to do you will need an amp to handle the signals from the sky/dvd boxes. The output from your tvs tuner may be more difficult. as for the "hifi" an upgrade will be necessary to get the required outputs. Hope this helps


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Yep, you got it.

So the hifi output is no good-suspected so as its only a cheapish hifi. I thought about the amp solution so I would only need one set of speakers. Looks like a new hifi too!


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get a 6.1 surround amp (say £200 for a cheap but worthwhile one), that takes care of the TV, DVD (which incl CD) and radio from the Sky service....then buy a tape deck if you still use tape (same for vinyl)...
then if you on a budget get 3 pairs of Mission speakers from Richer Sounds at £50 a pair, and whatever active subwoofer they got going on offer (around £100 give or take should suffice). et voila

if you got more money to spend on the speakers, then get a pair of floorstander Missions or similar for around £150-200 for the fronts, then 2 pairs of matching bookshelfs (one pair for rear duties, the other pair for front centre and rear centre split up) at £50 a pair....then spend mebbe £150-200 on the subwoofer.....

this way you wont need a separate hifi to your a/v....unless of course you want them separate, in which case ignore what i've said..lol

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