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Nov 28, 2004
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I currently have some Yamaha kit for playing hi-fi etc into 2 Musical Fidelty speakers situated on both sides of the fireplace - good stereo seperation etc. I also have a 32" Toshiba widescreen which services the AV side of the entertainment. When watching DVDs, I currently use the TV for the front speakers, (don't laugh, but you have to get along with the wife) and 2 satellite speakers.

Problem. We want to tidy up the room somewhat, and bring all the units together, ideally within the TV cabinet. I am looking for a mini system that will enable me to play CD/Radio through the hi-fi speakers, and will also double up effectively for playing DVD's, but do not want the audio from the DVD's coming out of the hi-fi speakers. I have been looking at the Denon mini systems, but cannot tell if it is possible to connect my Musical Fidelity speakers to the front when playing radio/cd, and then switch them off when playing DVDs. Is there such a system, or will I need to buy 2 seperate systems ie Mini CD/Receiver and Mini DVD player? Sorry if this sounds confusing.
Maybe I should re-phrase the question as 26 have looked at my question but no one seems to know the answer, so here goes again.

If I want to listen to my CD collection and radio through proper hi-fi speakers, is it better to get a seperate receiver etc, and then get a seperate system to cover DVD's. I need something compact so a mini system is preferable. Or does anyone out there know if there is an all in one unit. Are speakers used in AV equipment the same quality as Hi Fi speakers. Hope to hear from someone.
There is the NAD L53 which is a DVD/CD Radio receiver. Its about £350 and is supposed to have good audio quality. It also produces a pseudo surround sound in DVD mode.
Further to my previous questions here, which have had limited response to say the least, can anyone confirm whether listening to music CD's using speakers that come with AV systems, ie the front speakers, is as good as good quality hi-fi speakers.
To be honest thyey aren't too bad - it depends on what you are used to and what your expecting.

i have a traditional hifi separate setup in my second lounge/study that consists of a separate amp and cd player on an alphason hifi rack feeding a pair of B&W's (3-way) on isolated stands - it sounds really nice but i'm used to it as i've had it for over 10 years!

Now in my main lounge I have a Sony DAV all-in-one system with 5.1 surround. It plays SACD and Audio-CD's very well - the satellites on their own wouldn't be much good though as they need the subwoofer for the low-frequencies. I can decide on whether i have audio just to the two fronts, or just the two rears or all of them (the sub is always on as this give me the bass). Overall im pleased with the sound - i can control the output levels of all the channels including the bass, so it suits me fine.

Is seems that you want to ditch your current amp and cd player and keep the Fidelity's but hook them up to an all in one as the front l/r stereo channel. Then be able to turn them on and off as and when you want. Hmm not sure if you can do this with an all in one like the denon or the sony's...however the NAD all in one may allow you to have two sets of speakers attached to the front and switch them on and off independantly via a front panel switch or something (my current Stereo hi fi amp allows me to do this).

can you clarify though that you want to just keep the speakers from your current cd audio setup....
Hi DarrenB - thanks for your comments. The wife wants me to ditch the Musical Fidelity speakers as they are quite large, and go for something like those that come with the Denon m31 (made by someone else I think). The dilemma is that I want to keep 2 speakers each side of the fireplace for good quality stereo from the CDs. It's no good using these as front end on the AV as the TV is further away in the corner of the room, and I don't think it'll sound correct, so I guess I'll just have to keep using the speakers that are built into the Toshiba TV, and maybe use an AV amp/receiver to power up rear surround speakers and switch to the front ones for CD's.

Now what would solve the problem is my wife allowing me to buy a plasma TV that can be put on the wall over the fireplace, and hey presto. But spending two grand on that is probably at the bottom end of the priority listing.

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