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Ok - was looking at a wireless hi-fi - as a previous thread but am know starting to look at somehting like this:-


Has Anyone built one of these or similar?

Thinking, great as it has a Hi-Fi and PC mode - then - alos with the MSI MEGA865 - is has a wireless connection - so I can then boot it into PC mode - connect via VNC and record stuff if I put in a dvd/rw and then - once hooked upto my tv - once I have put in a tv card of course.

Anyway - has anyone got any experience of these or simialar?



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Hi Scott,

I've built a biostar one - doesn't have all the christmas tree LCD though.

Really easy to put together and graphics and 5.1 sound built in together with optical in and out.

Get yourself something like this with a wifi card, DVD writer and vid capture / tuner card and you can have one excellent piece of kit.

These things are also very very quiet, almost silent.

Good luck!



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Does the bIostar one have the Hi-Fi option and radio?

Also - software. I agther its just the case of installing Windows on it eg XP - then having to play the music via WInAmp etc.

Or is there specific software that allows - through the tv - to play music, record stuff etc. Has anyone made any special software to do this? - cuts out all the os stuff and concentrates on what the system is designed for - music, video recording etc



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TBH I would keep all the audio components separate from the computer. When I get a TV I'll turn my shuttle into a video recorder. I wouldn't get over excited about the dolby digital encoding. It's better than pro logic, but not pro logic 2. Turning it off creates more realistic and clear voices, although there aren't any particular merits to having it on or off for music because they produce really different sounds, both of which can be good in certain situations. The next thing for me to do will be to buy a nice DAC and a stereo amp (and new speakers and a TV/projector... :p).

By the way, shuttles look far nicer imo and there's more choice of internal components. With a digital input and output, there's no need for all the internal hi-fi bits imo.

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