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hi fi equipment spacers


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Not sure if this is the right place to post such a question but...

Due to space limitations, I am going to have to sit some equipment directly on top of my AC Amp - which would result in the vents being covered.

Am looking for a cheap and effective spacing method. At the moment all I can come up with is customised squash ball feet.

Does anyone have any better ideas than this rather crude one?



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You can get expensive stuff like "Blaqck Ravioli" depending on the gap required and what you're planning on putting on top of the amp anyhting which is stable enough, high enough and strong ewnough should be fine.


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2 lengths of square section wood. Painted black or silver to match your kit.


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I would be interested in a little better explanation as to why the equipment has to be set up like this. You say you have space limitations, but you seem to have room to add spacers.

How about, putting the other equipment UNDER the amp, and placing the amp on top?

Also, you said 'AC Amp', can we assume you meant 'AV Amp'?

Most of the suggestions might work, but likely your Amp owner's manual mentions something about ventilation, and give recommended clearance on all sizes; say something like 2" in the sides, 3" in back, and 3" on top. I just made that up as an illustration, but you should find something similar in your manual.

Also, you could enhance cooling with a fan. Get a small AC (household voltage) whisper fan and place it behind the amps and other equipment to draw air through and keep things cool. It is possible that your amp has a switched outlet on the back, which means the outlet only has voltage when the amp is turned on. Connect the whisper fan to that, and it might be enough to get the job done.

Though even if I did that, I would still add some spaces to open the top of the cabinet to better airflow.

Just a few thoughts.



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If it's an Onkyo amp, I wouldn't want to put anything on top of it because of the heat generated

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