Hi-fi DAB tuner


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OK guys gonna treat myself this payday to one of the following...

Cambridge Audio DAB300 Silver (DAB Tuner)


Tangent DAB100 (DAB/FM Tuner)

or (at my top end)

Denon TU1800 (DAB/FM/AM Tuner)

Now no doubt the denon will be excellent, but what about the others? anyone any advice or experience with any of these? thanks in advance.


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I've got the Denon and can say that it is definately an excellent tuner. I haven't heard or seen the other models in the flesh but to be honest it could be worth spending the extra money and getting the model you really want if that is the Denon.


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The Denon is superb. Gives you AM, FM, and of course, DAB. Had one for a month or so which is connected to and external antenna. Think you'll be delighted if you go for this one.


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Hi guys looking to get this denon then, however can you tell me what the display is like? what colour, how easy is the text to read etc?



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The display is a dot matrix display which is a sort of green colur but it has a dimmer facility which changes it's tone slightly. I've got mine dimmed slightly so it matches the CD player's level and colour. Very easy to read even from 2 metres away.

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