Hi Fi connector question


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Alrite, I have a CD & Amp that have both RCA and XLR connectors.

Does anyone have any experience with listening to both ? Any opinions on which is better?



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XLR cables were designed with studio engineers in mind - where equipment is sometimes a fair way apart.

If your CDP and amp are both close together I think you be better sticking with the RCA.

Though why not try both and see if you can tell the difference. :)


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XLR is better, more immune to interference but if both pieces of equipment are close together it won't make much difference if any.


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The noise floor of a balanced connection can be significantly lower, and the dynamic range higher, although this depends on the equipment.

Because XLR connections do not connect signal earth, hum is also eliminated.

For the sake of £30 worth of cables, I would go XLR. I think you will notice a difference, as the chances are your kit is high end enough for it to make a difference.


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I use XLR


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It all depends on whether your Cd player and amp have fully balanced circuitry inside .
If they are fully balanced from input to output then using the XLR connections should give a worthwhile lift in sound quality , but if not then the XLR and RCA connections will probably sound identical . :)
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