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Hi all,

i'm in the process of buying a new hi-fi system - I need another one to go with my ultra vintage set-up.

My existing system is:
Thorens TD125 MkII with SME3009 and Shure V15 type III
Pioneer A400
Rotel RCD 9658X
Celestion 66

Having settled on a new amplifier, Arcam A39, i'm thinking about Turntables and CD players

For the Turntable, i'm thinking of a Project RPM9 with Ortofon Qunitet Black
For the CD a Cyrus CDi

Any thoughts of suggestions would be welcome as well as for Streamers and speakers.

Many thanks

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although your existing turntable is a fine setup (properly serviced and maintained) but the deal on project makes it special - you will hear improvements - so if you have set your heart on one, go ahead.
As for CD player, I maintain the days of the silver discs are over, some may argue that "so is LP's" - true - but LP's are nostalgic, one can not play an LP through a Mac either.
But the CD, can easily be ripped these days with no quality loss, can be downloaded, SACD format has been with us for some time (can be downloaded too) and there are a selection of other hiDef. audio formats available.
Get computer savvy (if already not), invest in a good DAC instead, and have access to the whole of digital formats, easily, cheaply, efficiently.
Why limit yourself!


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Many thanks Ken
I am finally getting to the point where I want to have separate systems in two different living rooms.
I don't want to go ahead with servicing/restoring the Celestion speakers and the Turntable without having a new system set up. I am covered for speakers in the interim as I having been collecting some for restoration, Ditton 25's Celestion 5000's and Kef104ab but a new turntable is a must.
I admit to still liking CD's but am computer savvy if somewhat out of date.
I am in the process of installing a wired network in our home which from one end to the other is ca. 120ft - which is why I'd like a wired setup - and also why I am interested in streamers/DAC's.

A streamer is therefore on my list. The combined CD/Streamer - Arcam CDS27 - has been suggested but i've seen lots of negative comments which makes me wonder.

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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Do you have a PC that you could use as a streamer/media server?
If you do, set it up, connect it to your home network. Put all your digital music into it. Buy and install the software "Jriver media centre" on it (need to spend a little time learning and setting up the software).
Buy a quality network DAC (or two or three depending on how many rooms you want to play music).
Provided you set it up right - Jriver can play into separate zones (DACs). Jriver can be remote controlled using a laptop - tablet or even a phone.
This setup can play in bit-perfect mode or you could choose to use the host of filters and equalizations that the software allows.
It plays anything and everything perfectly (CD, SACD, hiDef audio . . . ) - even your movies!
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