Hi-Fi Blues.

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by manhattan, Jul 20, 2004.

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    Is their anybody our their who has tried to link two or three rooms to one hi-fi source?
    I currently have a sherwood pro-logic amp, 5 jpw speakers, a teac cassette deck and a toshiba dvd player linked to my toshiba rear projection TV.

    I am currently extending the house and will need to power twelve speakers from the components I already have. This will give me the same music sound throughout the ground floor of my house.

    I have had zero response from some hifi retailers.

    I had thought that by amplifying each set of four speakers, I could have three amplifiers powering each set of speakers. but how do I connect my components ????

    p.s. I have a very limited budget of about £500 to spend on such a unit.

    Any ideas or thoughts? :)

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