Hi def Xbox question again - sorry!!!

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Jan 9, 2002
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Guys and gals i'm sorry to ask this again

I've read through the threads and got a little confused so a simple yes or no to this will do:

i have a modded xbox and a 36" Tosh Picture Frame 1 TV if i buy a hi def cable can i display the higher resolution modes? using the componant connection on the tosh?


From memory the PF1 will only take a 480p signal, it'll be progressive, but no increased resolution...
as stated in the previous post i am sure that your tosh will only take 480p and not the hidef 720 & 1080, but if you are currently using the standard lead that comes with the xbox then 480p will be much much better and the difference will be night & day.
As far as Im aware (correct me if Im wrong by all means) the Toshiba Picture Frame 1 doesnt accept a prog scan signal at all, it just has a Component input.

The Toshiba Strata's accept NTSC prog scan and the Picture Frame 2's accept both PAL and NTSC.

Things may have changed so take this with a pinch of salt :)
So much for my memory, I stand corrected... I'm confusing it with the Strata as you say...
thanks for the replies. I use an advanced scart (RGB) at the mo, i've been thinking about using the componant inputs/outputs on my amp to carry both my DVD/xbox signals. but if i'm not going to get an increase in resolution then i'm not sure i'm going to bother with the expense of new cables etc.

thanks for clearing it up for me.

Before i bought my plasma i owned a Toshiba 36ZP18 picture frame tv and as stated, it does not do prog scan. 480i Interlaced component only im afraid but it is still slightly superior to the advanced RGB scart cable, as long as you buy the official US HDTV pack i would certainly give the thumbs up to the upgrade :smashin:

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