Hi-Def to a LCD from PC, what software is best?


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Hi all, I would like to try Hi-Def demos from the net, on to my LCD tv, what software is best to have full screen 720p etc on the LCD without the window bars on screen, I had problems in the past with not being able to get full screen on tv etc until I found WinDVD, I believe I have to use Windows Media 10 for Hi-Def ?

The connection will be via DVI

Any help welcome

thanks in advance



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You don't need WMP to play hidef .. I preumse you're referring to .WMV files, in which case players like ZoomPlayer, or Media Player Classic will probably work.

Beware however that recent commercial hidef movies are copy-protected in such a way that several commercial players such as ZoomPlayer and TheaterTek can't play them because their developers have to pay M$ $10000 for a license. Eventually you may be forced to use WMP anyway.

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