Hi def from pc to PS42S5HX?



Ok, I have purchased a Samsung PS42S5HX but i have yet to feed any Hi-Def content into it. If i connect my pc (ATI Radeon 9200 128mb) to the panel via the pc input will i be able to upscale a DVD to 1024x768? If so - what software do i use?

I know this is probably day 1 basics but I am still learning...


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whatever software you use, as long as you set your windows res. to 1024x768, it will be upscaled.

there may be apps that do it better than standard WMP or something. Try windvd, and make sure you tell it its a widescreen monitor, as 1024x768 is technically a 4:3 resolution (but tell windvd its widescreen and it sends a standard anamorphic image)

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