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its a pretty simple question, what with the release of hi-def dvd's i was wandering if it is possible to play the disks on a mac book, in the options in dvd player there are some options for hi-def dvd's but all the stuff i hacve read seems to point to needing a hi-capacity reader? or would the superdrive be able to cope?



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AFAIK there are no macs with HD-dvd drives in *yet* ... I guess that they will be a build-to-order option with the MacPro's - IIRC Apple have signed up to both HD-DVD and Blu-ray ... I would expect the drive options for macbooks/pro's to be opend up at a suitable price break for slot-drives ...

Question will be whether the macmini in it's home entertainment guise will get a slot HD/blu-ray drive and what price break that will come in at ? My guess is maybe two models, one around £400 (without HD) and one around £600 (with either) ... but lets wait until January and see what's announced !!


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