Hi-Def DVD possible now or when??


Have just been reading the review for Once upon a time in Mexico on dvdfile.com and noticed that it was actually filmed in 1080p as was Star Wars AOTC. Does this mean that these films could actually be transferred to dvd in 1080i or even 720p format for play back on say the samsung 935 or similar or will we have to wait for blu ray or is it more complicated than that, cheers inza


With the new players being released this year with WM9 playback capability its possible those films and indeed most new releases could become available in HD-Format using standard dvd technology, but its very unlikely to happen as the studios are not happy about the copyright protection systems in place for current dvd standards never mind the HD formats and certainly other than Artisan i don't see any other studios leaping aboard the HD bandwagon yet.


From what I've read so far the main problem seems to lie in the various parties involved not being able to agree on a single format and that one issue is the main factor!

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