Hi Blokes & Blokesses- Trying to connect a VCR to a digital tv


Hi Folks
Advanced age Low information person here who can use your help.
I have a Vizio (about 4 years old) and I'm trying to hook up a dinosaur of a VCR. Pictures attached.
I need to just watch the video tapes not record.
I understand that I will need a digital converter of some kind-if you know what it's called please let me know.
The VCR seems to have just 2 inputs(audio visual) to work with besides the "cable cord" type of inputs.
Most set-ups I see seem to work with the 3 prong Yellow White Red composite cords.
Can you tell me what I need and how to hook up what I need?
And if I what i need to put the TV remote on(component?) to get the picture.

Can't thank you enough.



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Welcome to the forum

The yellow 'out' phono (RCA) of the VCR needs to be connected to green Y/V connector of the TV.

The white audio out needs to be connected to both the L and R connectors on the TV .

Therefore you will require a twin phono lead and some kind of two- into-one adaptor.

I'll get back with links to examples.

The whole route is analogue. There is no need for any digital conversion.
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See if you can find an adaptor like this in your own locality:

Then you would require a straight triple phono lead like this:

Amazon product

Hi Gavtech
Can't thank you enough for your prompt reply and willingness to help out the technically feeble minded.

So, I couldn't open up the amazon link for the triple phono you sent. I have a few 3 output cords (yellow, white, red). Can these be used to accomplish the task if I buy an adapter? If so, do I just use the yellow of the 3 to connect to the green. For the white audio out from the VCR, do I need to buy a 2 phono cord in addition to the adaptor. I believe that's what you said but I'm trying to see if it's possible to use what I have.

Thanks again Gavtech!


If those triple leads in your possession have RCA phono plugs at both ends then yes you can use them.

Yes - Yellow to Green.

Then plug the adaptor into the white Audio out socket of the VCR.... and the red and white from the triple lead into the two corresponding Right and Left ( red and White ) audio sockets.

I should remark that you will be able to make it work without an adaptor, but you would only have audio out of one channel, left or right, according to which one you plug into.

To achieve that just use the yellow core to go to the green socket on TV and plug ( say) the white lead into the white VCR out socket.
At the TV end plug the white into the corresponding white socket.

You will need to select the component input to see the VCR, but it may necessary to make a more refined selection or a sub setting somewhere so it sees the input in 'composite' mode. It may do it automatically.
Check your TV manual for that detail or see if such an option exists when you select it.

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