Hi... and some help please :)


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Hi folks,

this is my first post on this board and i'm kinda hoping you guys will help me out. My current setup is:
Arcam A65 Stereo Amp
Myryad Z110 Cd player
B&W 602s3 speakers
Yamaha RXV430 RDS HC Amp
Jamo A210PDD speaker package
H&B DVD Recorder - plays back divx etc and just about anything else.

I'm originally from the UK and about 2 years ago moved to france, some things are cheaper and some are alot more expensive!

Now my dilema, the other day I went to listen to a speaker package of Kef iQ5 in a hifi shop and was blown away, I listened to my trusty B&Ws just before and then this and its just not the same. Hence, I have persuaded the missus to let me part with €1150 for (2x iQ5, 2x iQ1, 1x iq2c + psw2010). My question in the first instance: am I making a wise move away from B&W? - my instincts say no, however having listened to the KEF's they blew me away and I really need floorstanders in front. The main question for this forum is:

WHAT DO I USE TO REPLACE MY YAMAHA?! It was a good enough amp with the Jamo setup but I dont think it'll cut ice with my stereo needs... I also listened to DVD-A & SACD when hearing the KEFs and I was really impressed.
My thought for an AV amp that does it all is an ARCAM AVR100 or AVR200 from ebay (I cant really afford over €600). The reason being - I'm well chuffed with my A65 and will be sorry to part with it when I replace with an all in one. What do you guys feel? I might be able to increase my budget by selling the Arcam A65 & Yamaha but I need to have something to play back!

Thanks in advance for your help,


Hi and welcome.

You answered your first question yourself. You said you were blown away by the Kef's and in that case you are not making the wrong decision. Speaker choice is VERY subjective and what sounds good to you may sound like old shoe leather to me. Personally I love Kef's and their sound. As for your second question all I can suggest is to listen to as many amps/rec. as possible and preferebly driving Kefs. I'll tell you to get a newer Yamaha, someone else will say, 'get a Denon' etc etc. in the end you must get what suits your ears



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Ummm... another possible option - Harman Kardon (never listened to but ive heard its the mutz) 5500 or a Marantz... Dare I even suggest Cambridge Audio's latest offering?


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thx skinnyfat - any other opinions?


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I think i'll still dig my heels in until saturday when i'm listening to different receivers including yamahas.


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Jamo setup now sold... I'm definetely going for the iq5s, ive listened to some amps, I found the Marantz too rounded and the Denon didnt please at all. I found the Yamaha 1500 too compressed. To get to the point: I liked the Harman Kardon AVR235 however the shop didnt have any Cambridge audios so dont quite know what to do. I am thinking of holding off until they bring out the new amp and jump for it. What are your opinions? I'm also probably going to keep my Arcam A65 for the front channels + sub and use the AV amp for the rest! - also not forgetting the possibility of going for an Arcam AVR100 second hand

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