Hi all...Newbie here.


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Hi there people.
Thanks to you guys, I am now set on buying a Panny PX600.
What I would like to know is:

I currently have a Pioneer NS-DV55 Home Cinema jobbie. I like it, not exactly compnent quality, but does the job.

I would like to use this for the surround sound, but would also like an upscaling DVD player...I believe the Panny (EX75 is it?) is a good choice?

What I want to do, is run the sound from my SKY or Upscaling DVD through the DV55...what options do I have...I think it has some oprical outputs...but i am not too sure.

Any help would be great...will also be asking about speakers in my current front room at some pint, as is set up for TV by window, but Plasma will be on an adjacent wall.

Kind regards


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Hello Skeet, welcome to the Forums.

Unfortunately you've picked the wrong Forum for this particular query, since it relates entirely to the features/connections of your home cinema system. The plasma is not really a factor in the discussion, so not the best place to ask as the folks on here are plasma owners/enthusiasts, etc.

Try posting in the home cinema systems forum, where you may well fine other owners or perhaps some dealers or enthusiasts who can give you the info you need.


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Many thanks for your reply.
Sorry for the mistake...I'm a head honcho on another (non AV) forum, so I feel a bit silly for, posting in the wrong place!



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