Hi All New Member Here Just Got A SonyHS10 With Perfect Settings


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Hi all nice to meet you

I have been reading about the new sony hs10 and have found many good points about it thats why I got one on saturday.

Now I hope I can be of some help I have been reading how to set it up on the AVS Forum tried it but found that the settings still needed alot of work.

I also own a sony 32inch widscreen tv which I have had for 2 years now, My projector screen is above my TV so that I could compair and set it up to match my TV.

I have been at this for 11 hours and have tried 5 films, running the films pausing them and trying every setting on the projector to get it to match the colour of my TV as the Sony TVs are one of the best TVs in the world for colour and blackness. (in my op)

I have not watched one film yet hehehehhe.

I started of with the diffrent picture modes and calib settings and service menus and all, I find that the

Dynamic has fantastic colour but real bad shadow detail

Cinema Has fantastic shadow detail but bad colour such as the green it can not push a nice full body rich green it looks washed out.

Standard well beleave it or not it has the best of both worlds it has great shadow detail and a good rich green reproduction.

So the best out the three is (Standard) but this is not enough

Main Menu

My settings are as follows

Contrast MAX
Bright 50
Col 47
Hue 50
Sharp 80
Black Lev off
Col Temp Middile
DDE Film
Cinama Black ON
Filter Lens ON

The Black level adjust will not alter the lumans brightness just the shadow detail if you have it on high you lose to much detail in diffrent shadows, The blacks looks the same all over the picture with no separation in detail.

Same go`s for low setting but you do get more detail but still some detail missing , When you set it to off in full black dark scene`s detail all over and good sep of detail in blacks trust me.

Col temp set to Middle is the best option here the high is again to dark you even lose some colours in the black with this setting and miss detail.
Low looks to washed out on over all picture bad.

Right thats them settings done but wait hang on to much red in blacks caused by the filter lens and thast not all to much blue to
dame what are sony thinking hehehehe

you have to enter the service menu for this (Enter,Enter,Left,Enter,up) on the remote now you have to find the settings in the service menu and its under (Middile) as you are using this in your settings now when you enter it it will have RGB Gain or Bias to change between Bias and Gain just us up and down.

the settings for this is

R 171
G 185
B 132

R 157
G 123
B 120

I had to up the green in the gain 40 more than sony had and the blue down a whole 20 but it depends on your setup from the factory but if you use these settings it will be exellent

the pink reduces by 90% theres still slight touch to much red but it can not be helped as its the red filter causing this
also the blue was to high

i have tried every setting and combo trust me these settings will give you the best colour and black detail with out the blacks been washed out if you use these settings it will look 95% like a sony TV but not as good black this is becasue its LCD hehehe

Exellent Black detail in all scenes and less pinky effect with filter on and great lush greens and not over inpowering blues.

well give it ago and tell me what you think

i hope this has been some help to you all and hope to here from some nice people hehehe well of to watch a film from start to end now

oh i used to have a hs1 the hs10 blows it away eveb with just a black picture the blacks or lumans is half that of the hs1 mmm
but what gets me is the sony hs1 was 33dbs fan and the hs10 is 30dbs fan and it sounds louder to me ???????




Hi Meridius,

Welcome to avforums ;)

I hope you've posted this over at avs - there's a lot of guys over there who'd be very interested :eek:

Interesting way of "calibrating" . I personally prefer Avia & my own eye, but hey, maybe I'm just strange :confused:

Giving settings such as you have isn't really as helpful as it may seem. EVERY HS-10 will be in a different environment, on a different screen, with different sources etc, etc, etc...............

Also matching your HS-10 to a Sony TV isn't of much benefit - especially if your TV hasn't been calibrated.

It's good that you've taken the time to set up your PJ & share your findings, but the main thing is that you're happy with your picture - you'll be the one viewing after all.

You've made a very good choice with the HS-10 - a damn nice piece of kit. That 30db figure initially given by Sony was definately "generous" IMO. As you say more like 33/35db IMO. AFAIK they've now revised the given figure to 33db.

Enjoy viewing your first DVD on the HS-10.

BTW, where abouts are you from?


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HI Kramer

I`m from the uk i know my settings might not suit everyone but i thought i might as well share my findings just incase people wanted to try my settings to see if thay perfered it.

I love my HS10, I used to have a HS1 loved the picture on it but did not like the 4:3 only and the blacks where like a very bright light blue colour even a black projected image would light the room up on that baby. (Sony rated the HS1 400:1 no way it has to be 300 to 350:1)

Which is not so on the hs10 it has at least at least cut the dark light down by half with the lens filter on its now a light but not bright gray trut me one of the best LCDs out there for a black projected image.

Had a look at the big mother to side by side the hugh 12ht
and guess what sony will never ever sell the 12ht thay have shot them selves in the foot here the picture quality was ident but the 12ht had slight and i mean slight edge on the contrast but it was realy hard to tell the diffrance you had to thibk hard about it to see it.

and its £3000 more for that bloody hell no way the HS10 has set the new standerd in projectors now every one will have to start producing res panels like this now just like panasonic did when thay rel a projector for £1500 now you can get 3 types of projectors for this price now.

I also viewd the HS2 mmmm not very impressed with it at all it looked like my old HS1 in picture quality but had about the same sort of black only projected image not much of a improvement
i would say the only diffrence is that it had a 16:9 panel but at least it do`s not look like a fan heater now hehehehehe.

My m8 is interrested in a new projector to but he did not like the hs2 to so he`s going to wait and view the sanyo Z1 he do`s not want to spend around about £2500 for one if he can so he`s going to wait but if the sanyo is not up to scratch he`s going to take the plunge and get a HS10 cause he thinks its awsome which it is.

I could have waited and viewd the sanyo to but it only has 100:1 contrast more than my HS10 which would be hard to see i think but the sony has a super high res panels this is why i got it over the sanyo the picture is so smoth i compaired it to my RV and has just as smoth picture at 7ft wide as my 32inch wide TV.

well thats all till now see you l8tr people

oh sorry for the grammer and spellings hehehe in a rush here

Gordon @ Convergent AV

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Well I've not had a chance to play with one of these but I would say that if the contrast is at MAX then it's very likely you are crushing white detail. Do you have AVIA or VE test discs?

If the plan is to match your uncalibrated Sony TV then you did a good job and it certainly sounds like you are happy with end result. Thanks for letting everyone know your procedure and what you ended up with, I'm sure it will be of use to many.



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