HH5 and Ubiquity AP-AC-LR to Smart Hub2 and Disc


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Hi all.. I have had the HH5 and Ubiquity AP-AC-LR for a couple of years now and its been working just fine with some reboots required every few months.. BT have now given me the Smart Hub2 and a single disc as free replacement for extending my contract with them and they claim that it will be better.

As soon as I got the Ubiqity, I turned off the WIFI on the HH5 and its been working just fine though sometimes it does struggle to get a signal in the garden. BT did say that I can get 2 extra discs if I find the signal is not strong enough. As usual, my main concern is the stability of the BT wifi and its ability to stream.

Has anyone done this compare to see if the Smart Hub 2 and disc are better then the HH5 and Ubiquity??
Quality will depend on the distance between the two WiFi disks, if they're too far apart you may not get a decent connection.

You could try turning the power up on the Ubiquiti AP, that will also depend on the clients antenna strength.

Might be worth ordering a BT disk of Amazon, try it in your garden, if it doesnt do the job, send it back.


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So far, have had the BT Discs for a couple of weeks now and they have been a bit hit and miss... I like the idea of not having the disc required to be wired in, the signal strength is a bit of a hit and miss. And I also find that a disc keeps losing its connection.. may be I need 1 more disc.. Never had this issue with Ubiquiti.. lets see where this gets me..
I guess putting one disk in between the two you have would fix the signal issues. I guess thats one of the draw backs of not having it hard wired in.


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So... have got 3 discs now and am finding that my 1 Ubiquiti disc provided similar coverage to what the BT Discs do. Will I keep the BT disc or revert back to Ubi... I think I may head back to Ubi and add 1 more disc to the setup as am finding that the signal strength is not always the same in various parts of the house with the BT discs. I do find the lack of Guest network a pain... so the Ubi has been performing that task so far..

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