HGS18 + SMS vs. DD18


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I've had a HGS18 for a while, and I'm thinking of changing to a DD-18. However, if I just buy a SMS-1 and run it with my HGS, it's going to save me a few pennies :) Do you think they'll sound pretty similar? Is the SMS-1 software ugradeable (like the DD-18)? The main reason for the change is that I used to have a AV32RDP and go quite used to the room eq keeping the bass in check, but now have a processor with no room eq.



The HGS-18 was tested in one of the subwoofer tests done by another forum and the performance was extremely good and more or less the same as the DD18 and if it were my money i would probably just add an SMS-1 which will then give you 90% of features of the DD18 :thumbsup:


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I have had both the HGS18 + SMS, followed by a DD-18 and can say that in my opinion they are indistinguishable.

The only advantages you have with the DD is the one box solution and none of that annoying HGS hum.


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I know what you mean, but I can't hear the hum over the beer fridge, projector, HTPCs, Xbox360 - how I'd love to have a silent room :)

Thanks for the comments - think I'll give the SMS a go then. Is actually more convenient for me away from the sub as I can now use the display of my RSP1098.

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