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OK, it's been about three years since I built my HTPC and it needs a bit of an upgrade / TLC

Currently have one of the HFX Classic cases with an AMD S939 Dual core 3800+ and an nForce 4 chipset.

Used the mCubed Borg CPU and Chipset cooler, but the Chipset cooler (or other supporting chips) seems to have got a little hot, as I've now lost some of my SATA ports.

Also, after my passively cooled nVidia card refused to run at 50Hz, I've swapped it with an actively cooled ATI 2600 Pro (so no longer fully passive)
I also have the safety fan on all the time (gave up on the mCubed Safety fan controller), as I found that the disk drives make a reasonable amount of noise, so a little bit extra from cooling won't hurt.

So I'll also be upgrading to W7, unsure of whether to go for 32 or 64bit yet!

I've managed to pick up the Intel DG45ID, E8400 & 4GB RAM from the classified on AVF....

A few questions....

- the Intel DG45ID is fully passive, but I assume it requires a little bit of airflow to keep it cool. Trying to decide whether to go the Borg passive route again, or just install something like the Scythe Kama Stay PCI Cooling Frame to get a little bit of air flowing through the case?
Has anyone else used the Intel DG45ID with minimal cooling?

- Should I go Windows 7 32bit of 64bit? I have the BG 4in1 DVB-T card, and it looks like the drivers are available for both releases. I currently run Vista 32bit with 1GB RAM, and as the PC is only used for media it seems fine (if a little slow at times).

edit... if people don't recommend the DG45ID, then I can use this for another project I have on the go.
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All threads I have read have said to stick to 32bit for HTPC use...most codecs and other useful freeware (front ends, info gatherers etc.) become harder to track down in 64bit world.


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OK, an update...

The Intel DG45ID, E8400 & 4GB RAM is now installed in my HFX

Added a small slow fan for the North/South just to add a little bit of airflow inside the case (as well as the top safety fan, but temps for the North/South bridges are around 65c (was more like 80c without the fan)

Even with the two fans, the noise is not much louder than the HDDs that are sat in the HDD silencers.

The E8400 (65watt) runs so much cooler than my previous 939 x2 3800+ (89watt), with idle temps of 35c and prime temps peaking at 65c - not bad for completely passive. The CPU power management seems to come a long way since I did the original build.

But, god I so hate running those heat pipes.

Oh before I forget!

Intel DG45ID IDT High Definition Audio Drivers
The drivers from Intel are terrible (Nov 2009). I was getting h/w lock ups all the time, which I figured was related to the sound drivers, but found a post on the web stating to remove the Intel sound drivers, so the system uses standard MS drivers being used.
Did this, and now all works perfectly!

Think these IDT HD Audio drivers are used in a number of Intel desktop boards, so if you are running W7, then watch out for these Intel drivers.
The Intel 'web based driver scanner' - recommended the drivers, but they did cause some issues.

One unknown thing... I have the orignal 'Black Gold 4 in 1' DVB-T tuner (was this updated to the BGT3510 - as the W7 v7 drivers didn't work with my card, but the old v6 drivers work fine :confused: ) moving along... In Windows 7 I seem to have a radio FM tuner, but I have no idea what h/w his is using!! LOL

Anyway, she's back up and running.... so the wife is happy!!!!
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