HFX PAssive Chassis for £160


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benji said:
His work email address makes him look honest tho.

Yes I did buy one.
Let us know when it comes worth it alone considering it comes with the CPU cooler and VFD, so who else bought one?, anyone willing to part with the VFD that comes with it?..


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too late all sold out.

I guess he'll have more though as looking at his feedback he seems to be some kind of dealer.

Whats the internals of this case like ?

psu / compatability with motherboards etc ?


Best PSU is probably the Silverstone fanless (I built one a while back and that's what I used then).

It takes ATX boards so I'll be sticking an AM2 in this I think (I bought one following this post). There are some peculiarities with the unit. It's only got 5.25 inch bays, you need some long reach screwdrivers and if you don't fit a floppy drive/media card reader you have a gap at the rear. The reset button is on the back and the scart socket can be used as an input with Hauppauge 150 cards (and a couple of other of their analogue capture cards). If you go fanless I recommend the emergency 92mm roof mounted fan and kit or at least the fan.

It's a darned heavy case with sharp side heatsinks. It will come in over the 20 kilo mark when built.


Great spot meansizzler, thanks.


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meansizzler said:
Nope, never had the cash, do you have the guys ebay ID?, hoping he will have some Mini HFX's in soon...
his id is davetmg. However, I have been trying to get hold of him all this week as my case has not arrived. The reviews from the other two purchasers do confirm how good the deal was tho.


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I bought a HFX case from davetmg on ebay.
He owns an online shop mainly selling complete passive systems.
He was very helpful and everything was as he said.
I picked the case up in person and he gave me some good tips on building.
Unfortunately due to an income shortage, I have not yet gotten round to building the HTPC.


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I bought an hFX case from the same eBay dealer.
Great value, included a Borg cpu cooler, iMon display and remote and a Vertical Silence HDD enclosure.
No problems with delivery but note that 'davetmg' never replied to any emails I sent him with questions and is very slow in giving feedback (I'm still waiting).

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