HF200: buyer's remorse?


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After a lot of doubting, reading and comparing, I finally got myself the Canon HF200. Outdoor/well lit footage really is amazing, as are the features and handling of the camera, but indoors it really performs not as well (quite a bit of noise). I knew this beforehand but I'm not kinda feeling stupid not having bought the HF10 (and no way to return the HF200 here). Anyway, I know the HF200 has as much plusses as minusses compared to the HF10 but still, it's kinda annoying to feel as if I just might've made the wrong choice.

Damn Canon, why couldn't you just give me decent indoor performance too :)


Dude, don't feel bad! It's always like that with electronics: there's just so much choice, and tech changes so rapidly, that it's impossible to buy anything without wondering 'what you could have had'. In the end, you've just gotta trust your gut instinct!

Even if low light isn't great on the HF200, you probably bought the camera based on 101 GREAT features that will likely far outweigh the shortcomings.

Anyway, low light scenario - turn on a lamp, open a curtain, light some candles! Easy win! :thumbsup:


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Hi Lapino,
I'm seriously looking to purchase the HF200.
One question for you, does the camera have the capability to do time lapse?


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