Hey total noob looking for info on an older projector


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Hi there. My wife picked up, cheap, an old projector for presentations.

The thing is i can't seem to find much info at all on it. (Except the user manual, which i have, and replacement lamps, which i don't need). So i wondered if anyone here could help me.

It's a Sanyo 9005E, i know it was produced in 1998, but other than that i have no idea as to it's original marketed use, its value, anything.

Would love to know more about it. Including why i can't really find anything on it. Usually there's a few for sale on ebay and i'll find info posted that way. But not with this.

Thank you :)

Addendum: (before the post is even approved lol) after some digging this looks remarkably like the plc-xf45 except mine has round speakers on the front instead of oval. Was the 9005e only marketed in a certain country or something? I'm still amazed at the struggle to find info on this
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It's from the 9000 range and models had slightly different models in different markets, the one above in the link is the 9000NA for North America yours has an e probably for Europe.

It would have been an expensive projector back then, they all were as pj's were essentially for business purposes and not home use.

What's there to know about it, well you have the manual that should tell you how it works etc.

To be honest don't know what she paid for it but any new current £500 projector from recent times will outperform it for home use, projector technology has moved on massively between 1999 and now along with much lower prices apart from very high end 4k UHD projectors.

The Sanyo projector is an XGA which will show a 4:3 image like a very old tv rather than 16:9 wide screen tv like your current tv's.


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We paid £30 for it. So i'm not complaining. It looks the part and has quite a few bells and whistles.

I'll click the link and check it out. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Thank you :)


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I think your best connection is
bnc y Cb Cr for dvd/bluray

Some modern kit will have
rca y Cb Cr



Try to use 4:3 720p and set projector to native or just scan.


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Thank you so much for the advice. I look forward to setting it up properly and trying a few things :)


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