Hey Razza, what's better than an HS2?


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Mar 28, 2002
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Having cheerily forked out £830 for an HS2 a year ago (and seeing them go multiregion for £469 now), I thought I might flog mine to my brother and upgrade...

Should I stick to Panasonic and go for the E100? Should I branch out into the world of Toshiba?
Want to stick with RAM capability and DV in...

Why? Unless the new machine has a killer feature that you must have the hs2 is fine. I too paid £830 for mine 18 months ago, but am still happy with it and will probably continue to use it until it expires.
Even the larger hard drive is only a minor issue, as effective housekeeping and archiving overnight has meant I have never run out of space, even using xp for things I want to keep. If you can buy a new one for £469, a second hand one can't be worth much over a third of that, say about £160, which isn't going to go far towards defraying the cost of an E100, which itself will be replaced in the forseable future, etc.. etc.. where do you stop!
Fair points, but little brother is happy to pay £400... !
The HS2 is an excellent machine and, as kenfowler3966 rightly points out, there is no real need to upgrade unless you want a new capability the existing machine doesn't have. And one culd also argue you are burning money for only a limited gain by upgrading very year/two years! Indeed the machines that are coming now are really just updated HS2s with bigger HDD etc - they are yet to develop into proper PVRs in the vein of a Tivo or similar. Indeed you might prefer to wait until 2005 before upgrading - as Panasonic will be releasing a AVC server (a HDD/DVDR combo with Wifi and powerline technology) that will be able to stream upto four HQ video streams and multiple audio streams around the house using your existing powerlines - as well as be controlled from your PC (etc).

Personally I am probably going to upgrade this year to the Sony RX10 provided it carries the full 7 day freeview EPG and assuming nothing better comes along (with a built in Freeview Tuner). I'm only upgrading because I will be working in the US between Jan and Jun next year and will need my parents to have an easy to use machine to be able to record stuff. I also see this machine as an ideal replacement for Sky+ as I intend to cancel my Sky subscription towards the end of the year as well.
Fair enough guys!

Cheers for the thoughts...

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