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Hey guys, New guy here... and my HD65 just POPPED then the screen went blank.


Novice Member
So when I bought this projector I did a ton of research on it, but that was almost 7+ years ago I believe.
I assume that the pop was the bulb blowing...
so my questions are these
#1 Does that sound like what the issue is? or could it be something else?
#2 Is there a difference between the bulb and the lamp? or are those synonymous?
#3 Would it be better to just change the bulb out? or should I just look into another PJ?
#4 Is there anything to look out for when buying a replacement bulb? I've a rather large gap in the prices of replacement bulbs.
#5 Is it worth it or too expensive to send it back to Optoma for the repair?

I've been pretty happy with the PJ for the past few year, but it seem like lately when watching things that are darker, its harder and harder to see, was this just the precursor to the inevitable pop that we got? I don't recall this being an issue when I first purchased it.
I project it onto a 125" screen in my living room... most of the time its pitch black in here, but still difficult to watch dark scenes. and watching anything with a lamp on or before the sun goes down is a no go...
so what do you guys recommend? should I spend a little bit and fix up the ole faithful? or should I just move on and thank it for its years of service.
Thanks so much guys!


Distinguished Member
Yes sounds like the bulb has been dimming for a while. How many hours has the PJ done? I believe it's best to go for a branded bulb as some of the imports don't last very long. If it was me though I would look for a new or newer 1080p model but it depends on your budget of course.

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