Hey Guys, looking for some people to game with COD for now, BF3 to come


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Hi Guys,

Ive just got the internet back and rigged up, im looking for some people (who are not children) to game with on MW3 atm... will be getting BF3 shortly

i will probably be getting Elite soon, have the PSN credit, jsut finding my feet first

i used to be pretty good at COD, 2.5kd but havnt played for over a year so am back down to the 1.1 atm lol, just gettign to grips with it all again

i like playing anything really, but bakc in the day i used to play with some dudes while we chatted on skype, its mcuh better for comms, and gives yo uan unfair advantage when playing S&D, i wouldnt mind doing that again if anyone fancy's it

ive never been in a clan, playing competition stuff.. (once on BF2 played a clan game), i wouldnt be apposed to it but am not good enough atm...

feel free to add me, or please reccomend a clan or a few guys who would be up for playing, im 24, work full time, so will mostly be a short evening shift, or weekends

cheers guys!


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hey Guys PSN Name is: Munrow

im mostly active on here, and HUKD, not sure i could handle another forum...
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You could always hook up with us at LW. We have plenty of clan and non members playing with us and also a large number of BF and GT5 players to.

Very shortly we will be entering the gaming leagues, incase that tickles your fancy.. in a man way only ;)

Feel free to PM me or add my psn VillanUK
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