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Hi guys

I wonder if anyone could help me in finding hex codes for the Samsung TiVo box and the Cisco Virgin hd box. For demopad

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You'll not get these codes from anywhere but Virgin Media and as such you'll not get these codes full stop.

DeRemote has access to the codes or rather it allows you to download the TiVo profile allowing you to control the TiVo, but you'd need to switch from DemoPad to DeRemote in order to be able to control the TiVo via an iPad or iOS device. Virgin Media's own TV Anywhere app also allows for IP control, but doesn't fascilitate the control of oother devices.

Logitech also have the IR commands on their database for their Harmony remotes or you can have a Harmony learn any IR command. Harmony also now allow you to use an iOS or Android device to be used as a controller in conjunction with the Harmony Hub and iOS app.
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You can get some of the IP codes for a Tivo via DemoPad'd own forum:
DemoPad Forum - View topic - TiVo IP control

These should control a Virgin Box.

Also note that some of the codes associated with the V+ STBs will control a Virgin TiVo STB, but obviously will not include TiVo features not found onboard the V+ boxes.
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