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Sep 29, 2005
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I'm thinking in buying a LG LCD... the 32LX2R, to be more precise.

I'm almost 100% convinced, just waiting for the price to drop a little more but I still have a doubt about the refresh rate of the screen.

According to the specs, it's 8ms and the hertz 50. Is this possble???

If it is 8ms shouldn't the hertz refresh rate be much higher???

Everyone know that it's a waste of money (and eyes) to buy a CRT less than 100 hertz.

The same apllies to LCD?

CRT refresh rates or signal refresh rates, and LCD response times (arguably a better term to use) are not related.

A CRT will flicker (flash on and off) at whatever rate it's driven at. Anything below 60 or 70 or 80 hz will be visible - depending on the viewer him/herself - as flicker.

LCDs don't flicker at all. Regardless of the refresh rate they are driven at. Even 50hz. No flicker.

However, they do persist the image for a fraction of a second. Too long, and rapidly moving objects appear to smear. The 8ms you quote is the fastest stated time it takes for an LCD pixel to change state, assuming it needs to. 8ms is a good value.
Thanks a lot for the replies. I just have one more question.

Do you think it´s a good LCD? Are there any better in that price range?

Once again, thanks for the advice,
It is a very good TV. If you don't mind the price, you will be very happy with that spec.

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