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They have this at CD-Wow for the grand price of £10.99 (not including any discounts).

This film is not out in the cinema yet but has been called the best film of its type since Crouching Tiger.

Empire magazine this month are really worked up about how good this film is calling the fight sequences "the best action scenes they have ever seen on film.

Worth checking out

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IMO this film is even better than CTHD, the cinematography is amazing every frame could be a picture.

It's my favourite Jet Li film.


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I agree, the art and time that has been put into the framing of shots is amazing and the story ain't half bad either. If you like this type of film then you will like this one. I think it's one of the best. :smashin:


Region 3 version differs in color timing to the region 2 japanese version (( i prefer region 3 color ))
Fullbitrate DTS soundtrack but its not the full directors cut which is rumoured to be out sometime this year.

I enjoyed this immensely but prefer Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

Links comparing region 2 to region 3 (( go to H and look for Hero and ur see screenshot comparisons ))


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I've got the Hero LE from Japan and haven't opened it! really lovely set worth getting hold of; a if you can find it and b, prepared to pay the price!

If you like Hero and CTHD check out Musa the warrior, it's korean film and really cheap on R3!


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Hey, i'm looking to get the extended version of Hero tho am having some difficulty, the only version i could find is this one http://sensasian.com/cgi-bin/sensas...04ab8e575380a0a34690669/Product/View/V9204C-D but i hear that this one as a logo that appears with the english subtiltes and the PQ isn't as good as other veriosns. What versions are available and where could i get them? does any one know.

Also it says here that the logo apppears on ALL extended versions of Hero? is this true? thanks!

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