Hero,Zatoichi&Old Boy


I am in the process of getting these three films but have got a bit confused whilst looking round at all the differing versions.

I was going to get the ultimate edition of hero $30
zatoichi $8
oldboy final edition $20

all from dvdfromkorea.
Question are these the best piccy and sound versions,if not what are?

Also will i get stung by customs :mad:

Phil :beer:


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No you wont get stung with customs, you will get a few options when you go through checkout ;)

Do you want to keep them as display items or possibly with the view they may rise in value or at least not drop in value then get Limited edition versions.

If you just want to watch them based on what you have read about them etc then go for the cheapest version.

Oldboy DTS single disc from cdwow 8.99 and if you like it try and source the UE :devil:

Here's a good site if you havn't seen it: http://www.dragonsdenuk.com/

Lots of links there too.


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You may want to buy the UK Region 2 Deluxe Tin Edition of "Zatoichi", from any half-decent online or high street retailer, which is out now from Artificial Eye! :) It's a double-disc edition, with the film on Disc 1, and the extensive extras on Disc 2. Film has DTS, in Japanese with English subs. Pic and sound are superb, and the extras are awesome as well. Also, you get a mini-brochure and a film-still senotype. Plus, the set is a Limited Edition release to boot! (Only 10,000 being made!) Oh, and the Tin is beautiful! :clap:

It retails at £22-99, but you could probably get it for much less than that! A superb film, and a superb release. Plus the film will be in the superior PAL format too! :smashin:

A Tartan DVD/Asia Extreme double-disc, with DTS, release of "Oldboy", is also due out, at the end of February 2005, in the UK. It might be worth holding on for that, as the Ultimate Edition of "Oldboy" on Region 3 had problems with the packaging, and a lot of people were left with damaged (and irreplacable) DVD's and/or packages. (The DVD cases were specially-designed ones, not regular Amaray cases!) Also, it sold-out almost instantly, so trying to get a set, that is in absolute A1 condition, is almost going to be impossible.


silent ninja

I just have a few comments due the disappointment of the first two films mentioned-- they are vastly overrated. Hero is decent, but a little too dramatic (or melodramatic should i say) and doesnt live up to the likes of Crouching Tiger (far superiror imo). The cinematography seems to have won the critics over alone (nevertheless, this film will NOT suit most people's taste). And Zatoichi? The one with 'Beat' Takeshi Kitano right? Average film at best. It just doesnt have any substance, not to mention being predictable and frankly boring at times. Plus points are the pretty good sword fights and excellent sound of clashing swords. Most parts of the film feel like 'filler' scenes and just have no point to them.

I hope Oldboy is good because those two films are held in such high regard around forums like this, and I just didn't enjoy them (i laboured through Zatoichi).

Anyway thats my opinion, good luck searching for them.


If I were you I would get a Hong Kong version of hero from CD wow which contains a full Bit rate DTS soundtrack which is absolutely phenomenal and is available for about £10. This probably not much point in getting a different version since most extras on these type of Asian DVD releases don't contain English subtitles for the majority of the extras.


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Choicesdirect had the R2 UK Oldboy dvd up for pre-order which comes with a free T-shirt. First come first served so I don't know if they have any left. :)


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Philb, get the R2 Japanese version of Hero from here : http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/(simple)/detailview.html?KEY=REDV-20

This version has the best sound and pic quality. I disagree with the comment that Hero is a little dramatic. It is an excellent movie, and if you like it, you might want to get House of Flying Daggers by the same director.


good choices mate.

I got the Panorama Ent. (2 Disc) R3 version of zatoichi, but have just ordered the above mentioned LE Tin (which I would recommend). PQ is fine on the one I have at the moment and it is in DTS. comparisons for Zatoichi are at :

Oldboy is fantastic, get the R3 version as I'm not sure if R2 will be cut to shreds (Octopus scene etc). I would be VERY surprised if thatsurvived the BBFC butchers. I got the R3 Korea - (Starmax - Special Edition) and its outstanding, but I believe you can't get this anymore as it was a SE.
Again comparisons are at :

Onto Hero now, and there are so many versions out there it's a minefield. I have the 2 disc R3 Edko version, but looks like the Elite group is the one to go for : comparisons at -


Buck Swope

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Wait for the R2 version of Oldboy before making a choice. The version I saw in the cinema late last year was identical to my R3 DVD (Starmax 2 disc), if anything it had slightly better subtitles. Cant see any reason why the DVD will be any different from the theatrical cut. The extras also look very fine indeed!


Buck Swope said:
Wait for the R2 version of Oldboy before making a choice. The version I saw in the cinema late last year was identical to my R3 DVD (Starmax 2 disc), if anything it had slightly better subtitles. Cant see any reason why the DVD will be any different from the theatrical cut. The extras also look very fine indeed!

I'm not sure, I read a few articles re' the octopus scene in particular not making the BBFC cut. Still I can't see them cutting it out if it was in the Cinema. Hopefully. specs on Tartans (distributor in UK) look fantastic :

119 minutes PAL R2
120 minutes NTSC R3
given the slight time delay differences between the 2 formats it suggests it is in.

I'm going for the R2 as well for the extras


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As far as I know, although "Oldboy" hasn't yet been classified in the UK for home viewing by the BBFC, rumours suggest that despite a few minor concerns regarding the live octopus scene, the BBFC will probably let the sequence go through uncut.

Simply put, the film itself - taken as a whole - is not the worst or most contentious film the BBFC have had to deal with, and as such, they are going to be reasonably lenient with it. Plus, the film is a subtitled, Korean thriller, which is unlikely to gain mass viewings by Joe and Jane Public. Seeing as a lot of the violence is not sexualised in nature (from what I've heard) and nor is it as intense, explicit or numerous as, say, the uncut version of "Ichi The Killer", I believe that "Oldboy" will pass through without any trims.

Obviously, I can't guarantee that, but I've got extremely high hopes. Especially after the BBFC recently passed a Japanese film called "Kichiku Dai Enkai" uncut for home viewing - and in my opinion, that's a far more explicit title than (the uncut versions of...) "Baise-Moi", "Ichi The Killer", or "Last House On The Left"! :eek:


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