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Hermes Delivery Woes

Ordered some stuff from ASOS on 28/11 totalling £185 and then placed another order on 29/11 totalling £58.

I got the usual despatch info from them and the notes from Hermes.

On Friday last week I got an email while at work saying both orders have been delivered to my mums house who takes the orders whilst me and my wife are at work.

After work I visit my mum to ask where my parcels are, she advised there was one from ASOS and one from New Look I said there should be 2 from Asos to which she said that's all he gave me however he gave me the ASOS one first, got me to sign it then gave me the New Look one and said bye, went to his car then come back saying he forgot to ask her to sign for the second item. She didn't think nothing of it and signed his device. So I open the order to find only the £58 order was there.

So I log on to live chat and ask where my items are to which they say both have been delivered and signed for to which I explain that is impossible as only one parcel was received and signed for. I ask for proof of both signatures which they send (but only one) which I question and ask where the second is, they tell me the same signature was used for both orders.

I question this and ask why there are not two different signatures as they are two separate orders, they tell me that's just the way the couriers do it regardless of how many orders.

Anyway, they said they will get it touch with hermes and find our more information. As of today I am still waiting for this information and they are now telling me Thursday.

Anyone have any advice on what to do or where to go regarding this? Either the parcel has been lost or the courier has himself a £185 package of stuff.

Not happy at all.


Distinguished Member
Did you order by credit card? Though if there's a signature it may be hard to prove anything and may need to be reported as fraud. Wait to see what they say first though
Yes I ordered using my credit card. Surely if you have 2 orders like I said both items will need a signature, not just use the same one?


Active Member
Not necessarily. I work for royal mail and we bulk scan parcels and only one signature taken on the doorstep.


Distinguished Member
I'd go straight to your credit card company but let hermes know you are doing so

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