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Discussion in 'Digital TV & Video Players & Recorders' started by Lagmonkey, Sep 17, 2003.

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    After browsing this board.. and struck with the news of sky+ etc...
    had it installed today...

    Spoke to the installer about....

    "sky have signed a deal with AMSTRAD for the new sky+ boxes?"
    if this is true.. no wonder they will be cheaper...
    Using my old magic eye... which does work... but not with the old controller... so u have to buy a new one! he said sky are thinking of releasing a code for the old handset so it will control the sky+ box... thus using the standard box just as a magic eye... or if i choose to add another sub£££ and be able to record from the planner???? of that box?? i dunno??
    I can only assume another cable run between the boxes? or it will magically transverse the lnb? :p

    If they do not do this? would this mean then they are not supplying the same service as mentioned in all the second subscription waffle...?

    Hmmm... howmanyremoteshaveigotnow?

    There was also mention of experimenting with the rs232 port for a PC link... IE tivo...?? hmmm...
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    The Amstrad SKY+ is a fact and was announced quite a while ago with it's expected release anytime now, that is the only new SKY+ unit that has any sort of official confirmation the rest are the result of speculation and rumour.
    However with the price per gigabyte of hard drives falling all the time and 80gig and 120gig becoming the norm the continued supply of 40gig units will fall and become proportionaly more expensive so it's reasonable to assume there will be a upgraded SKY+ at some point.

    I can'e see how the four(?) versions of the standard SKY digibox remote control will be able to control SKY+ without adding additional keys and a firmware update, you can't just release a new code for an old remote unless it was built with that information in the first place.
    More sensible and cheap enough to buy a second SKY+ remote if you are using a TVlink style device.

    I'm afraid you've lost me with the recording from another digibox/planner with a new cable run/transverse LNB :)

    The RS232 has always been the subject of rumour and so far I believe it's only function was for inhouse testing during production. However the digital interface is thought to be the means to add broadband connection to a SKY STB or even the rumoured PACE DD5.1 addon.

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