Here's a strange one......

Tim Cooper

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Before my PJ gave up the ghost my HCPC had started to play up, when it was cold (i mean being off overnight) it would initially refuse to load windows, it would stop at the XP splash screen, but when i do a reset or restart it starts fine & it's fine thereafter.
Anyone got any ideas?
Hcpc setup:
Soyo SY-6BA+100 mobo
Slot 1 [email protected]
512mb Crucial PC-133 cas 2 SD-RAM
IBM 75GXP 30 gig HDD
Audiophile 24/96 Sound card
Ken Hotte modified TV View 2000 capture card
Network card Compaq (i think)
Windows XP Pro (bog standard no updates)


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Sounds a bit odd. My first guess (and it is the first, completely off the top of my head guess) would be the hard drive. There are known reliability problems the IBM's and maybe it's siezing for a fraction but once it's got a bit of life into it it's fine.

Like I said, just a guess.

Tim Cooper

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Funny i was going to post on your thread with regards to your crashing problem but you got it sorted before i could reply..spooky.
I reckon it may be a driver issue but until i get my PJ back up i can't check it, & where the HCPC is situated i cant really put a monitor on it.I was hoping someone else may have the same issues.
If not driver maybe HDD...hmm... i know the IBM 75GXP's have issues, i suppose i could give it a going over with IBM's drive fitness programme.
Never got this hassle with win98se i may upgrade & put it back on:D


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Tim sorry for not getting back to u, the xp ghost issue i am still not sure if i have it or not, your htpc does sound like the hard drive, i ve just had a similar problem with the kids pc and i am getting a new hd tomorrow for it. whats up with the barco mate?




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Not saying it isn't teh hard drive, but the 'usual' sign of the IBM drives giving up is lots of clicking and grinding, and the BIOS is unable to find the drive, so getting as far as the XP splash screen would appear to rule out the normal death throes. Perhaps you've got one which is going to die of 'natural causes'!

Dubbing Mixer

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Know what you mean about the IBMs being of a curious turn of mind I took my last dead one to bits. It had thrown one of the heads right off! The surface of the disk had to be seen to be believed.... Fortunately, I heard this one when it started to clank and managed to move 90% of the relevant data off before it gave up with a big bang (presumably the head flying off)

Tim Cooper

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I've had four IBM drives fail on me in as many years i'll NEVER buy another EVER, just sent a 60gb one back(yep a 75gxp) last week just over a year old pogged out on me i'm sticking to Westerns from now on.
Ahem...right the drive in my HCPC is a 30gb 75GXP so it's looking favourite for a hardware failure BUT when i reboot everythings fine no problem??? could be heat related i suppose....all academic really until i get my PJ up & running then i can give the HDD a damn good thrashing with IBM's drive fitness proggy:D

I was getting all paranoid that you were not speaking to me;)
I'm fine just a little sick about my PJ got Roland coming over tomorrow to have a look hopefully it's a simple fix (fingers crossed) just don't need this at the mo my lads birthday is on the 19th Dec mines the 20th then Xmas then my Mrs is on the 23rd of Jan & my girls on the 31st Jan so as you can imagine MONEYS A BIT TIGHT :D :D :D

Thanks for the replies Lads


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right click on my computer,then click open ,right click on c drive or local disc then click on properties,click on tools ,then click on check now.

Tim Cooper

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Ye olde check disk or scan disk....i never heard it called error checking facility before, learn summat everyday cheers.

Tim Cooper

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Appreciate the tips mate,
This has only just started to happen when my PJ stopped working & i can't get a monitor connected (easily) but i will once the PJ is up & running again.
Thanks again

P.S does anyone know if XP has a step by step driver install like win 9x has.

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