Here's a lesson I learned with my home automation


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Hi guys,

My home automation system has been running fine for quite a while but while I was in the middle East last week the the wife messaged complaining about the rcd in the house tripping.

Before I could reply she managed to pin it down to the outside light.

Due to the torrential rains water must be getting in somewhere.

The problem being that the power going off knocks out the circuit, the Zwave controller then sees the node missing.

Power comes back on and the node communicates, then it checks it should be turned on. It then turns on and trips that circuit again.
She was able to tell it to be off with the tablet BUT it would want to turn on again in the morning, then the following evening etc.

I was able to remote connect and change the logic for the scene to prevent it coming on but decided add an override to the system.

What I did was add virtual switches for the hvac and each area of the house that has automation.

I added these as an AND logic for every function that is automated.

On my tasker UI I have added a pop up menu which allows you to turn off automation to these rooms/systems and also have an http browse to bring up the vera home page.

This Vera icon automatically opens chrome and browses the url, when you close chrome the main UI page then launches.

Now if you put any of these switches to off it inhibits the automation of that system.
To show that one or more of these switches is off I have the icon on the main page red if any part of the system is disabled.
Just incase I turn off a room then forget etc.

I'll add pics below to explain better.


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