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Here's a good one for ya.... HDMI kills IR....


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So done some rewiring.

All working so far. Except. Unsure if it's the telly or a signal from the HDMIs.

Basically, Toshiba telly in bedroom, connected to under stairs AV via 15m HDMI [yes, I know. Too long and not cat5e extenders] it's got IR injectors attached either end of it and a passive repeater attached to it at the telly end as was getting artefacts in the picture. It's fed off an active 2 way splitter fed off output 2 of an active 4in2out matrix [3 telly system here, lounge on output 1 with brekkie room and bedroom on output 2, all got repeaters and injectors on them. Works spot on except for this issue!]

When all up and running. I cannot control the toshiba telly via IR. The injectors work fine, everything works ok, but the factory remote and my universal remotes cannot control the Telly's volume, channel control, menus etc etc. if I unplug the HDMI lead. It returns and all works fine.

Does this on both HDMI inputs.

Only thing that has changed is the cable from cupboard to telly.

The telly is too old for CEC, the repeaters are all different too and I get the same result.

Even bypassing all the kit. Still does it.

Anyone heard of this? Can't firmware it either as no USB port either.

It's a 32C3030D

Joe Fernand

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IR Injectors are completely non standard devices - there is no provision for IR within the HDMI specification.

Find out which lines the injectors are using and that may give you some clues.

Pretty amazing you have anything working :)



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Still does it regardless of injectors connected or not Joe.

Don't be surprised it's working. Why wouldn't it? Because it's not Octava? :p

Joe Fernand

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So stripping back to a Source > 15m HDMI > TV and you lockout local IR control of the TV?

How was this TV previously wired?

Any provision for a central system 'earth' in the AV cabinet?



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Sources x4 > 4in 2out matrix

4in 2out matrix output 1 > HDMI short extension fly lead > IR injector > 15m HDMI > IR injector > passive repeater > HDMI short interconnect lead > LOUNGE TV

4in 2out matrix output 2 > HDMI short interconnect lead > 1in 2out active splitter

1in 2out splitter output 1 > HDMI short extension fly lead > IR injector > 15m HDMI > IR injector > passive repeater > HDMI short interconnect lead > BREKKIE TV

1in 2out splitter output 2 > HDMI short extension fly lead > IR injector > 15m HDMI > IR injector > passive repeater > HDMI short interconnect lead > BED TV

Gives Lounge it's own output of all inputs and control.

Gives Brekkie room and Bedroom shared output of all inputs and control separate to Lounge.

Everything works fine. Except local IR control of BED tv off local remote.

Playing around it seems it's the splitter. If I bypass the 1in 2out active splitter. IR control of BED telly returns.

I'll have to try a different splitter! - just bought a different one.

Before, it was a two telly system so no splitter.

How would I earth all this? Are there HDMI earthing interconnects I can get?
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Joe Fernand

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it's likely that all of your kit is 2-pin so you may not have an earth anywhere.

HDMI to HDMI will create an earth path between connected devices.

Look at earthing something in the rack - we stick earth tags on our Matrix, otherwise you can try earthing to a chassis screw.

You can purchase a 3-pin mains plug with an earth tag on the top - they are used in tech labs.


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