Here's a cheap way of connecting a console to your WLAN


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A couple of months ago I was looking for a cheap way of getting my PS2 connected to my WAP. It seems stupid but all I could see were Wireless Ethernet Bridges that cost more than some WAPs. Fortunately a new product was released in Feb which seemed to fit the bill.
I've now been using it for a month and can't fault it. It's called the Asus WL-330. Not only is it an adaptor but it can also work as a WAP (802.11b) if you want. The kit you get is impressive. It includes the WAP which is extemely light, a power adaptor, a USB power supply (saves on a plug when using it with a USB piece of kit), a nice very short ethernet cable and a carry case/pouch for it all.


The browser interface is easy to use and it comes with a CD but I haven't bothered to even look on it. I simply connected it to my pc (which I configured to be, ensured the WL-330 was in adaptor mode and not WAP mode (a slide switch on the bottom) and then in my browser went to http:\\

This brought up the config page. I simply told it the name of my WLAN, typed in my 128bit WEP encrption key and saved it.

I then took it down to my PS2, plugged in the ethernet cable, plugged the power lead into a USB port on the front of the PS2 and powered the PS2 up. I loaded up MOH Rising Sun and it worked on-line straight away!!

The picture above makes it look a lot bigger than it is so here's one to give you some scale :


The cost inc p&p was £36 inc VAT and p&p. Even though I am only using it as a ethernet/wireless convertor and I'm not using it as a WAP, I still think it's great value and it take up virtually no room behind the PS2 & TV.

Can you tell I'm pleased with it? :rolleyes: :D

Ooops nearly forgot. Here's where you can order from :

p.s. I have no connection with the manufacturer or supplier other than being a really happy customer. :smashin:


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will this work with X-Box?

I run a router/wireless lan in my house already and would like to be able to connect the X-Box into it without having to run any cabling downstairs.



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Absolutely. This device simply takes any Ethernet IP based traffic and sends/receives with your WAP.

If you want to remove a cable then this is a cheap way of doing it.


It costs £23.50 What moron payed £12.50 postage or has it gone down more?


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Originally posted by Stevey
It costs £23.50 What moron payed £12.50 postage or has it gone down more?

No one. But I think some 'moron' forgot to include the VAT ;)


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Just a tip for anybody setting up one of these with an existing wireless network, if you're using WEP security (which you should be :)), the setup wizard doesn't handle ASCII WEP keys properly. Enter the key as a HEX value and you'll be fine.

I was on the verge of sending mine back until I tried this and found that it works a treat. Oh yeah, and before you start using it in anger you may want to upgrade the firmware as well.


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Am struggling with this!!

Bought about a month ago and keep coming back to play with but cant get to work.

Have a Netgear 834g wireless router, can get onto network on my P2 when using ethernet cable, but cant with the ASUS.

My PC is connected via a belkin wireless card, so i cant plug the Asus directly into pc to configure it, if i plug into Netgear, i can do a search and see it with the asus software [not the webscreen settings though, wont connect to] and set up my wireless ssid and wep settings, take up to my P2 and try connect, nothing.

Can someone point me in he right direction before i throw it out of the window!!



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