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Here we go


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Basically getting totally confused and need some advice.

Trying to install a new media hub kind of thing into my new house. I setting the system up so it can play music in all rooms. My computer is going to be the hub and I am going to invest in a touchscreen monitor (like the ones dell and acer do) and wall mount it so people can walk up to it and select tracks or even use a controller to select tracks. I need the music from my computer to be outputted via some sort of streamer and to other speakers.

I have been looking at squeezebox and sonos S5 for my living room and I want to upgrade as I go along.

I am looking to spend no more than £500 initially but over months looking to add more units. Initially I want output in the living room and bedroom (moving into coach house so not sure I will need too many adapters).

One of my wants is to stream music through spotify and I understand the sonos cant currently do that, but can the squeezebox. Haven't looked into Napster but I know the S5 can stream that. I have a iPhone to use as a wireless remote, but think I will buy a second hand touch which can be used as it is being used for party's etc.

I have a sony av receiver so could use those speakers, but it wont be suitable if I have the PS3 running through them.

Any help would be appreciated.

Pic below will demonstrate kind of hub I am looking for.


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    Touchscreen set up.jpg
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Take a look at the Squeezebox touch (not out yet, but will be worth the wait). It has a colour touch screen and is wall mountable (you can also control it with iPeng or the supplied). As it's wall mountable, you could forget the dell monitor and kill two birds with one stone (and maybe save some money).

It also runs it's own server, so you can just plug a USB drive in and it will serve all the other SB's in your house that connect to it.

Regarding Spotify - Spotify promised the world when it first came out regarding third party hardware, but they have yet to release a usable API. Logitech have said they will support it as soon as its possible, however its unlikely to be the free version (likely the free version will remain PC only). It is possible, with a plugin, to get Spotify (the free version and any other audio from your PC) to play through your SB's - but you will need to have Spotify running on your PC and changing tracks etc is done via your PC. If i were you, i would look at Napster. Its essentially the same as Spotify, but cheaper at £5 per month (than the paid Spotify version) and works perfectly the Squeezebox (and has a bigger library i believe).


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The squeezebox touch can it be synced with my itinues on my PC....any idea when it gets released? And how will it work with streaming to other speakers i.e ceiling speakers.
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The squeezebox touch can it be synced with my itinues on my PC....any idea when it gets released?

Yes, it can be synced with your iTunes library (you need to run Squeezebox Server on your PC). Obviously DRM'd tracks wont work, but thats apples doing and is the same for any non-Apple device.

Release date TBC, but probably a couple of months.


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Just so much to think about :D.

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